The most enlightening reveal of the Mozilla CEO controversy

A new exclusive interview with anti-LGBT supporter Brendan Eich on CNET shows that the controversy is not dying down. My own thoughts on why this is a bad choice as CEO for Mozilla Foundation were posted a few days ago. Since then, we’ve seen three board members step down in conflicting reports stating they resigned in a form of protest, contrasting with Eich in the CNET interview and the remaining board stating they were long planned for. 

Needless to say, things are very foggy over at Mozilla and the future is still unclear. One thing is clear, however, that the leadership (CEO and Board) in fact is incapable of leading. Even if they now decide to fire Eich and replace him with a more forward-thinking CEO, it will be only because they’ve caved after sitting back for weeks to measure public opinion; that’s playing politics rather than leading. The Mozilla board I’d like to see is one that knows what the right thing to do is from the get-go or decisively changes course if a mistake is made. What this controversy has revealed is that Mozilla plays politics, it doesn’t lead. That paints a picture where the future at Mozilla will inevitably be filled with more mistakes.

Mozilla doesn’t share my values - both in terms of installing a CEO who doesn’t support LGBT rights and in it’s overall leadership characteristics. It’s disappointing. I’d like to see the remaining board resign and I won’t be returning to any Mozilla products until that happens.